New album: ‘Coherence’

We’re excited to announce that our fifth album, Coherence, will be released worldwide on October 29! Recorded in Melbourne by Troy McCosker, mixed by the legendary Jens Bogren (Fascination Street Studios) and mastered by Tony Lindgren (Fascination Street), Coherence is 60 minutes of layered and diverse progressive melodic death metal. The album’s 8 tracks include our longest ever song, the album-closing Much More Was Lost, and our first ever full-band instrumental track, Sweep of Days. You can pre-order the album and feast your ears on the album’s first single, Hidden Window, here!

First single: ‘Hidden Window’

To mark the announcement of Coherence and the opening of pre-orders for the album, we share with you the video for the album’s first single: Hidden Window. After five years of work on the album, it’s great to finally be able to share with you the fruits of our efforts. Hidden Window‘s 8 minutes feature some of our heaviest riff-writing, but also some of our most progressive and melodic. This song will be fun to play live! Scroll to the ‘videos’ section and enjoy. \m/

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Elliott Sansom – drums | George Kosmas – guitar/vocals | Shaun Sykes – guitar | John Richardson – bass | Steve Merry – piano/keyboards

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