New album details announced: “VESSELS”

Our new album is titled “Vessels” – info below:

Vessels is the product of well over a year’s hard work. Without doubt, it’s the album that has challenged us the most. It’s much richer and more textured than any of our other albums. There are parts which sound like the Be’lakor that fans know, while other sections might surprise some people. Our goal was to keep the music exciting and varied – for us as much as for anyone else. Vessels is also our first concept album, which has meant that lyrically we’ve really pushed ourselves this time around.

Its eight tracks clock in at around 56 minutes. Full details and track list:

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Be’lakor signs with NAPALM RECORDS!

We’re proud to let you guys know that we have signed a worldwide deal with Napalm Records. Joining such a well-respected label represents the start of the next chapter for us. We really feel that Napalm is on board with our vision, and that they share our excitement for the music we’re making. This signing will also mean that we can get our music out to more of our fans and play more shows beyond Australia’s shores. Our new album will be released through Napalm in 2016, with more news on that to come soon!

New drummer – Elliott Sansom – welcome!

We’re very happy to let you guys know that we have found our new drummer. Elliott Sansom, who recorded the drums on our forthcoming album and played on our recent European tour, is now a full time member of Be’lakor. Elliott also drums for Melbourne-based bands Future Corpse, Okera and The Seaford Monster (yes, he’s a busy guy!). We have known Elliott for many years and we’re stoked about what he will bring to our sound. Welcome to Be’lakor!

Line-up change: Jimmy leaves Be’lakor

We would like to let you guys know that after over a decade together, the band and Jimmy are amicably parting ways. Jimmy first joined Be’lakor in late 2004, and did a sterling job drumming on our first three albums. Jim also played with us on two European tours and many shows around Australia. Some great times were had, with many good memories. We remain good friends with Jim and can’t wait to see what his next musical projects might hold. More news will come soon with respect to the band’s next drummer.