New drummer – Elliott Sansom – welcome!

We’re very happy to let you guys know that we have found our new drummer. Elliott Sansom, who recorded the drums on our forthcoming album and played on our recent European tour, is now a full time member of Be’lakor. Elliott also drums for Melbourne-based bands Future Corpse, Okera and The Seaford Monster (yes, he’s a busy guy!). We have known Elliott for many years and we’re stoked about what he will bring to our sound. Welcome to Be’lakor!

Line-up change: Jimmy leaves Be’lakor

We would like to let you guys know that after over a decade together, the band and Jimmy are amicably parting ways. Jimmy first joined Be’lakor in late 2004, and did a sterling job drumming on our first three albums. Jim also played with us on two European tours and many shows around Australia. Some great times were had, with many good memories. We remain good friends with Jim and can’t wait to see what his next musical projects might hold. More news will come soon with respect to the band’s next drummer.

Update on the fourth album

Hi guys – we wanted to give you a brief album update, because we know that many fans are extremely keen for the new music and have been waiting some time!

As some of you are already aware, our album release has been delayed (by roughly 6 months from our initial planned date). This is because a few challenges in our lives over the last 12 months have resulted in the tracking taking longer than we would have liked.

Rest assured, however, that we’ve been continuing to make good progress (the album is almost totally recorded and mixing will begin soon), and the music itself is something that we’re really proud of. We are taking the time to make sure that the album is our best possible effort, because it means so much to us. We now expect the album to be released in March 2016. Stay tuned

Back from Europe and now finalising the album

Our run of European festival shows has come to an end. It was great to play in front of so many of our fans in Europe, and we can’t wait to get back over there for more shows! Now we return to putting those finishing touches on our fourth album. In the meantime, be sure to join our mailing list (the sign-up box is on the front page of this website) so that you hear first when new music is available and tour dates are announced.

Stand-in guitarist for upcoming tour cycle

Shaun will be taking a break from touring for medical reasons, and would like to share the following message with you guys. This will affect the remaining Be’lakor tour dates for 2015:

“To the fans,

Over the past 12 months I have been battling with a medical condition that will render me unable to play on the upcoming European tour. This has been a very difficult decision to make, and no one is more disappointed than I am to be missing these upcoming shows in Europe. Matt Dodds (guitarist from one of my favourite bands, Arbrynth) will be filling in for me during my absence, and will no doubt do a stellar job.

My number one focus at this point in time is to complete the album and recover to a point where I can return to my regular duties in the band. Despite my setbacks, everything is going well in my recovery and I expect to be back soon. I want you all to know I am fully committed to getting back out there and playing shows for you guys.

My sincerest apologies to you all.
– Shaun ”

Despite this, preparations for the upcoming shows are going really well – after an extended period finalising our new music away from the stage, we can’t wait to play live again. Cheers, and see you on the road soon!