Vessels – Full album lyric videos

While we’ve been hard at work on our fifth album, and with lock-down keeping us all at home, we’ve put together a bit of a treat for you guys – a set of lyric videos for the entire Vessels album! Vessels was our first concept album, and creating its story was a journey in itself.

We’re proud of the album, and we wanted to create something special both for ourselves and for our fans, to really bring it to life. This collection has been something of a passion project for us.

The album’s concept is now fully fleshed out with visuals to match, and we couldn’t be happier with the videos. We hope you guys settle in and enjoy the journey! The full playlist is on the Napalm Records YouTube channel!

Song writing for fifth album well under way!

Time for an update. As we do when in song writing mode, we have bunkered down to craft our next album. We’ve got a heap of riffs and ideas for this one. Where Vessels was a concept album with one long story, this next release may see us return to self-contained songs. We’re on track to have the new music all written by Q3 2019 [updated from having earlier estimated end 2018], with recording to follow that.

Vessels wins ‘Best Heavy Album’ in 2016’s The Age Music Victoria Awards

It was a massive honour to last night be awarded ‘Best Heavy Album’ at the 2016 The Age Music Victoria Awards. There is a heap of great music being made here in Australia and especially in and around Melbourne. Seeing some of the heavier releases being recognised in the mainstream media was really pleasing. Cheers to The Age and Music Victoria, and of course to everyone who helped us to create Vessels. A special mention to Julian Renzo at Legion Studio Productions, MGM Distribution, Napalm Records, TeamTrick, Evolution Touring, and our awesome families and friends. Big thanks also to the roadies, who make a lot of what we do possible. Cheers!