VINYL Re-issues! (OBAB, Stone’s Reach)

Been waiting for some VINYLS? Well we’ve got good news for you! ‘Of Breath and Bone’ and ‘Stone’s Reach’ are now available for pre-order in exclusive new vinyl re-issues through Napalm Records! You can grab them in coloured vinyl (nearly all sold) or black, and in LP/t-shirt bundles too. They’ve been selling fast, so jump in before they sell out.

Buy direct from Napalm Records now – release date September 18: (Euro store – English) (Euro store – Deutsch) (US store)

We’ve hit the studio for album 5!

Happy to announce that recording for our fifth album is officially underway. Four years on from Vessels, we have 8 new songs written for an album of roughly 60 minutes. The new LP is riff-packed, and we’ve made sure to keep pushing ourselves musically.

We’re recording the album at Pony Music with Engineer Troy McCosker (aka Audio Ninja) here in Melbourne. The yet-to-be titled album will be released on Napalm Records. More news soon regarding mixing, mastering and release date. Very keen to get this new music into your ears!

Vessels – Full album lyric videos

While we’ve been hard at work on our fifth album, and with lock-down keeping us all at home, we’ve put together a bit of a treat for you guys – a set of lyric videos for the entire Vessels album! Vessels was our first concept album, and creating its story was a journey in itself.

We’re proud of the album, and we wanted to create something special both for ourselves and for our fans, to really bring it to life. This collection has been something of a passion project for us.

The album’s concept is now fully fleshed out with visuals to match, and we couldn’t be happier with the videos. We hope you guys settle in and enjoy the journey! The full playlist is on the Napalm Records YouTube channel!