Do you want us to play in your town?

We are about to start planning our tours. Australia and Europe in 2015 (with some festival dates already announced) and, if everything goes as we hope, perhaps a US tour in 2016. But we want to tour where our fans are. So, the two best ways to ensure that we can come to your town are:

1. Join our mailing list (you’ll see the sign-up box on the front page of this website), and

2. Track us on Bandsintown

This way you’ll be sure to hear about our tour dates, and we will be able to make sure we tour where our fans are!

Recording sessions for our fourth album begin

The time has come for us to lay down some new music. We’ve been working on these songs for three years, with many of the riffs and ideas having in fact first been developed up to eight years ago. Drum tracking is underway – and we have all been reminded of how gruelling recording can be. But we’re extremely excited about this album; it will represent some real growth for us, with some more progressive ideas, lots of interesting guitar sounds, some very desolate sections, and of course, a lot of our melodic riffs. We will be telling a story with this album, and can’t wait to share it with fans.

An update before recording begins – Jimmy

A message from Jimmy as Be’lakor prepares to enter the studio:

“Unfortunately, over the last 12 months, I’ve had a number of health issues which have prevented me from being able to drum for the band. Whilst I am well on the road to recovery now, I will be sitting this next recording out. Fortunately, stepping into my shoes for the album recording and subsequent 2015 touring will be Elliott Sansom, who drums for our friends Okera, The Seaford Monster and Heisenberg. Elliott also played drums on our recent Australian tour. Thanks for your support guys! – Jimmy”

Vinyl release of Stone’s Reach now available

For the audiophiles out there, we are happy to present a 2LP gatefold vinyl version of Stone’s Reach. It has been re-mastered specifically for vinyl. You can find it in the ‘store’ section in the links above.

In the coming days we will also be making a digital version of this remastered version available (via our bandcamp page) – so keep an eye out for that if you’d like to get a hold of the digital audio!